Kerrisdale Cameras Photo Contest

February 4

Photography aficionados, this one’s for you! Kerrisdale Cameras is hosting a monthly Photo Contest and YOU can enter to win exciting prizes. Read on to learn more about the Photo Contest:


  • There is a $5 cash entry fee to enter, which will be collected and donated to local Langley Charities every month.
  • Submit an 8 x 12-inch print in-store with no watermarks, printed on any finish. Participants will receive their photos back after the month on display.
  • Voting is done by customers who receive a ballot when they purchase something in-store at Kerrisdale Cameras. The winner is given a $25 gift card to Kerrisdale Cameras, plus the store will also hold your photo for an extra month to display as the previous month’s winner. More exposure? Yes, please! Votes will be tallied the day after the end of the month, and participants will be contacted.
  • Make sure you send in the photos a few days before the month starts! There is a cap of 25 entries per month.
  • Photos can be dropped off at any time for any month, and Kerrisdale Cameras can hold onto them until the correct month if you would like to guarantee your participation.
  • The best part is, the Photo Contest is open to anyone!

For more information, contact Kerrisdale Cameras at [email protected], via phone at 604-532-5365 or by stopping in-store.

Happy photography!

Aishwarya Singh Willowbrook Blogger

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