What’s In Your Purse?

August 17

It’s easy for your purse to become a dumping ground of crumpled receipts, wrappers, and stale breath mints. But a well-packed bag can make your life easier. So, what essentials deserve a permanent spot in your purse? We’ve put together a list of life’s little necessities you’ll want to keep close.

First things first. When it comes to picking the ideal purse there’s a few to consider—do you like to be hands-free? Shoulder bag? Crossbody? Mini backpack? A big bag to hold everything or a tiny tote for keys and a credit card? It’s important to choose a bag that’s comfortable and practical, and of course, stylish. Nudes, beiges, and tan are totally trendy but can show wear and tear or scuff marks easily while black is a timeless option that’s sure to match your wardrobe through all seasons.

Pssst…find the season’s must-have purses and handbags at Aldo, Call It Spring, Hudson’s Bay, Nordstrom Rack, WINNERS, H&M and more.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a full glam gal or a bare minimum beauty, carrying a few essentials like a compact mirror, hair ties, bobby pins, lip balm, and a pair of tweezers can come in handy for a range of reasons. Refresh your look, pluck pesky stray hair, and give yourself a swift and simple hairstyle on the go with essentials from Sephora. Keep everything organized in an easy-to-reach clear makeup case from H&M so you know what you’ve got without having to turn your bag inside out.

Even on a cloudy day, you need good sunscreen, and you need to reapply it often. Keep a small tube in your bag to reapply regularly and treat your skin right. Or look for sunscreen sticks to make applying mess-free and reduce the risk of an accidental spill. Merle Norman Cosmetics has incredible SPF products that are made just for you!

Say it with us: band-aids. Even the comfiest shoes can cause the occasional blister after a long day, and there’s nothing worse than an unprotected paper cut or scrape, especially when we’re all using hand sanitizer on the regular. Keep a secret stash of band-aids tucked safely in your bag and thank us later. You can also get your shoes fitted perfectly at Willowbrook Shoe Repair!

Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Phone? Dead. Don’t miss important calls and cute texts because of a dead battery. Keep a charging cable with you and a portable battery pack to stay charged on the go. Find them at The Source!

Take what you need, leave the rest, and keep it all together in a cute little bag.

Aishwarya Singh Willowbrook Blogger

Although she's not a regular shopper, Aishwarya does have an eye for the must-have's of the season. When she's not busy at work, you can find her at a concert or at the gym! And if you ever want to talk about horses, she's your girl!

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