Upgrade Your Home Office

April 9

We know—the novelty of working from home might be wearing a little thin. Okay, maybe a lot thin. But with many of us still taking our meetings remotely and only dressing up for conference calls, the need for a functional, organized, and uplifting workspace is greater than ever.

So how do you update your space quickly, easily, and without breaking the bank?

Step one: make the most of what you got.

Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated home office. So whether you’re working from a spare room, dining table, or, the couch, it’s key to create a space you can work in. Invest in things like small organizers for pens and pencils from Claire’s or a cute case to keep them contained. Or, a paper organizer that lets you file hardcopy documents for quick reference. Spending a lot of time with a laptop in front of you? Consider a cushy laptop desk from Coles that makes it easier to work if you don’t have a desk or table to use (P.S.-they’re also great for watching Netflix, too).

Step two: organize.

Drowning in paper? Too many tabs open? Is today Wednesday, or Thursday? Working from home can make it even harder to separate work life and home life and the need for calendars is clear. Try a cute at-a-glance desk version or opt for an inspirational agenda. Hudson’s Bay and Icing have some really cute ones! We won’t tell anyone if you doodle in it during your next Zoom call. Want to take it to the next level? Consider a book on organizing tips, tricks, and strategies to help you get your space in order once and for all. Get yourself one from Coles.

Step three: treat yourself.

Working through a global pandemic is no easy feat. Make time to reward yourself for your hard work, too. Step up your coffee game with a chic reusable cup that you’ll want to show off in meetings—online and in person. Pick up a reusable cup at Nutrition House, Starbucks or Tim Hortons! You can even invest in a fitness tracker from Simply Computing and The Source, or a smartwatch from WIRELESSWAVE and TBooth Wireless so you stay connected, never miss an alert, and make sure you get your steps in, even if you are working from the living room.

Whatever system works for you, we’re sure you’ll find the right accessories and set up to make your home workspace productive, pretty, and totally positive.

Nicole Lotz Willowbrook Blogger

Lover of coffee, cocktails, travel, decor and all things shopping-related. Not necessarily in that order...just trying to survive life with a 7-year old (7 going on 17).

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