Tote-ally Awesome

July 5

Need a tote to carry all your summer essentials when you are out and about? I don’t know why we seem to need more in our purses during the summer time. I find water is essential to stay hydrated during the hot summer days so it is nice to have room to carry your water bottle or drinking container. Plus, room for sunscreen is an absolute must when you are out in the sun soaking up those rays.

Bentley has a great selection to choose from. Many colours and styles from small to large – some almost large enough to hold the kitchen sink, just kidding but you get my drift. After a long day at the office you can be prepared to go straight to the beach knowing you have all you need in your “trusty tote.”

If you don’t want to worry about carrying a tote you could always settle for a backpack instead. Bentley has a large selection of these, too. Again ranging in size to meet your needs. The advantage of a backpack is that you can sling it onto your back leaving your hands free to eat your favorite treat or sip your cold refreshing drink. How tempting is that!

Trust me it is easier to take all your things along with you, rather than be caught out wishing you had packed those wipes and many other things you suddenly find yourself needing when you are out enjoying yourself.

Have a tote-ally great summer knowing you are tote-ally prepared.

Pam Willowbrook Blogger

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