Tips for Tots This Halloween

October 20

Boo! Scared you, didn’t we? With Halloween right around the corner, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks on how to have a fun time with your little ones and create a killer costume quickly.

  • Choose something comfy and practical from Urban Kids
    The odds of a warm and sunny Halloween in Metro Vancouver are more of a trick than a treat. When planning what to dress up as, be sure to factor in the ability to be warm and dry. Consider a costume that can be worn over warmer clothes or choose something that already includes layers or outwear as part of the look.
  • Opt for face paint from Coles over masks
    We’ve spent plenty of time wearing masks recently, but full-face coverings and masks can pose safety risks for little ones. In addition to being hot and sweaty, Halloween masks can make it hard to breathe and see well, especially at night. Avoid the risk of a trip or fall and use face paint instead! Face paints are a great addition to costumes and lets everyone embrace their inner artist. Plus, they wash right off at the end of the night.
  • Use clothing you can easily re-purpose
    Cute, ready-to-go costumes are all over and make for a quick solution to dressing up. But when Halloween is over, what do you do with them? Instead, try using clothing you can re-purpose after Halloween like colourful tees and leggings and add accessories and props to polish off your look.
  • You don’t have to trick-or-treat
    While hitting the neighbourhood and collecting candy is the Halloween tradition, it’s not always as fun as it sounds for the kiddos, especially if it’s cold and rainy. Sore feet? Climbing stairs? Uncomfortable costumes? No thank you. Consider fun family alternatives like visiting a local pumpkin patch or haunted house. Many venues offer a milder, less scary version of their haunted house during the day, perfect for anyone who isn’t into scary thrills. Or spend Halloween with us at Willowbrook! We’re hosting The Great Pumpkin Haunt—a fun scavenger hunt throughout the mall’s common areas, complete with awesome prizes.

Have a fun, safe, and slightly spooky Halloween with just a few tricks and plenty of treats.

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