Time To Bring On The Bling

April 19

Spring is here, ladies! And you know what that means! It’s time to bring on the bling and amp up your wardrobe!  Dripping crystal jewelry first made an appearance on the Spring 2019 runways and quickly took over Instagram thanks to Alessandra Rich’s over-the-top earrings. From party-ready earrings to blinged-out bracelets and necklaces, this nostalgic trend is sure to please. Chanel is dominating the name-dropping look with sparkling crystals spelling out their name. 

Pearls are back, but this season is nothing like your grandmother’s pearl jewellery (the elegant but sedate pearl stud). This spring varies from delicate pearl hoops to funky ear cuffs and sculptural bracelets. Putting a much more modern artistic twist on a classic. 

Heart shapes are always popular. So, this spring go BIG in the form of chunky, oversized heart earrings or a heart-shaped pendant. The ’80s-inspired trend is already proving to be one of the season’s most fun accessory and can be worn by all ages. Many of the pendants can open to contain a picture of a loved one so they are perfect for a mom or a grandma. 

And, “shades of the 80’s” again, (I can’t believe they are back), but puka shells and seashell jewellery have made a comeback! For those who still love the puka shell look, Tohum’s bracelets and necklaces make for a modern take on the trend.  They are a playful, fun look to wear with jeans or leisure wear (think cruise-ships) The shell earrings give a California or Caribbean vibe and will go great with your tropical print tops and dresses. 

 If you are feeling a little daring give your wardrobe an instant update with the help of multiple earrings and ear cuffs. Layering jewellery above multiple piercings going up the ear in a second row, or staggered in between old piercings creates a fresh, funky effect. I recommend sticking to a theme to make it more cohesive. The pieces should all relate to each other like celestial elements such as stars, crescent moons, or lightning bolts.

Layering and mixing chains are trending to be another popular look and lend itself to that “industrial look” which works for both men and women. As does the use of “natural” raw stones in both necklaces and bracelets. They can add a jolt of color and focus to your outfit whether it is a turquoise pendant, a silvery grey moonstone (my favourite), or a deep purple raw amethyst. And every stone has a different meaning and is supposed to enhance different qualities. 

Willowbrook Shopping Centre has many outstanding jewellery stores such as Ann-Louise Jewellers, Arctic Canadian Diamond, Ben Moss Jewellers, Golden Tree Jewellers, Michael Hill Jewellers and Peoples Jewellers. They have a huge variety of quality product in both Gold and Silver. If you are looking for the “sparkling crystal” type of jewellery, we have Crystique. Pandora specializes in their unique charm bracelets and pendants for those customers who like to “tell a story”. And Claire’s and Icing have tons of fun costume jewellery from feathers to arm cuffs. There is something for everyone. 

So have some fun and bring on the bling! 

Noreen Bratus Willowbrook Blogger

Happy, middle aged mom (60 is the new 40... right?) of 2 wonderful children (and extended family) still seeing life through my rose coloured glasses. And that is a choice that I have made... to always try and see the positive in people and situations... and to "pay it forward" whenever I can. It's brought me the most unexpected moments of joy and happiness in return. And my mantra is "you are only as old as you think!" So, as a result, I'm still enjoying my rock concerts, my hockey games and just keeping busy!

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