Time To “Bag” Your New Spring Look

May 15

I don’t know about you but when this beautiful Spring weather comes, I get an irresistible urge to buy a new bag or purse. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my classic black shoulder bag! It is the mainstay of my Fall and Winter wardrobe and it is so practical! But when the weather warms up I feel like adding a little whimsy to my wardrobe. It’s a fun way to show a little of your personality.

(But, If you just MUST have a black bag… there are tons of beautiful choices at Hudson’s Bay!)

One of the new trends this year is a bold bag with a real POP of colour. Colours like fuchsia, orange, red and lime green are having a real trend moment on the runway. They can brighten up any look, especially if you love your black handbags as much as I do! Even in summer, I love my black capris! I might boldly venture out to a khaki or beige capri, so having a colourful purse and some matching sandals are fun ways to accessorize. I just really like the shades of fuchsia that are out there. Bold, yet feminine!

Bentley has some great bags in bright fuschia colour that just scream “buy me!”.

And Hudson’s Bay has some gorgeous red purses to add a little excitement and pizzazz to your wardrobe.

You can also have some fun with a unique purse shape. Round bags are really “in” at the moment, whether it’s a slouchy larger bag in a “roundish” shape or a “ball and chain” look. The larger slouch bags are for everyday use and the smaller purses are really more of a statement piece. They are little “pieces of art” that will just hold your basics but are fun…fun…fun! You can even make more of a statement with an evening bag that features iridescent beading and/or feathers for that WOW look.

H&M has some fun shaped purses like this small round shoulder bag.

And, Le Chateau has a killer translucent and snake print handbag this season. Doubling the statement with matching pumps!

Train travel might be a thing of the past (except for your daily Skytrain commute!), but the so-called train case bags are making a comeback. They are hinged or zippered and are a very roomy and practical option. If you like that “vintage-vibe” this might be the choice for you. And, according to my hairdresser, they are the perfect size to carry those expensive hairdressing scissors to and from work. Another alternative is the weekend bag which holds everything but the kitchen sink!

Bentley has plenty of weekend bags to choose from. Here’s a beautiful floral version.

Another throwback look is the straw handbag. They have a boho vibe and are a ’70s street style fave this season. American Eagle Outfitters has a funky straw bag that reminds me of the fun good old days!

And H&M has a rad net bag in Dusky Rose for a more vintage look. Love it!

I must admit my favourite is what they call the “elevated laundry bag”. It’s all about holding as much as it possibly can. It is the most practical bags and suits me to a tee! There are so many floral prints this spring to make anyone sing, not just the birds! Unleash your inner fashionista with scribbles, splashes, drawings, and tie-dye prints. Can you believe tie-dye is back in?!

Bentley has some fabulous floral bags that I am so in love with, and might not be able to resist!

Happy Spring purse hunting ladies!

Noreen Bratus Willowbrook Blogger

Happy, middle aged mom (60 is the new 40... right?) of 2 wonderful children (and extended family) still seeing life through my rose coloured glasses. And that is a choice that I have made... to always try and see the positive in people and situations... and to "pay it forward" whenever I can. It's brought me the most unexpected moments of joy and happiness in return. And my mantra is "you are only as old as you think!" So, as a result, I'm still enjoying my rock concerts, my hockey games and just keeping busy!

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