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December 10

The winter is (finally!) over and sun is just around the corner. You know what that means! For us, it means that we’re getting into plank position and staying there until our airplane takes off. Of course, in meantime, we’re also shopping ‘til we drop (those few extra pounds!). While we’ve yet to find anyone who relishes the thought of bathing suit shopping, we must admit, Swimco does make it easy. There’s lots of variety (for all body types!), not to mention, really everything you need for that tropical vacay (except the sun and sand!)… all in one spot. To that end, here’s what we’re eyeing up (when we’re not too busy dreaming about margaritas poolside):

p.s. Do NOT forget to pack that sunscreen! Fyi: Swimco sells that, too (as well as, unrelated to sun protection but good to know… swimwear cleanser). We told you, this is one HOT spot.

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