Sweet Dreams

July 18

Who doesn’t want a good night’s sleep? Quality sleep is vital for our overall health and can have a big impact on our mood, productivity, and overall wellness. And while some of us are lucky enough to fall asleep seemingly anytime, anywhere, others need a little boost to help catch our zzzs.

Here are a few simple tricks to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and make your bedtime routine as relaxing and restful as possible. 

Set the stage 

You’d buy a new blazer to ace an interview so when it comes to quality sleep, invest in quality bedding like sheets, blankets, duvets, and pillows from QE Home. Not only can high-end bedding feel luxurious when you crawl in to sleep, but you can find bedding to meet your personal preferences like:  


  • cooling sheets to prevent overheating in in the warmer summer months;  
  • weighted blankets to help you fall into a deeper sleep, quickly; 
  • silk sheets which are breathable and regulate body temperature while being gentler on hair and skin. 


Make it cool, calm, and quiet 
Ever notice how it can be so much harder to sleep in the summer? Keep your bedroom cool and quiet for the best sleep possible. Turn down your thermostat and invest in a fan to create a gentle breeze and keep the air moving. Visit Hudson’s Bay for an assortment of fans to choose from. 


Love to watch TV from bed? Sadly, this might be making it harder to sleep. Keep electronics out of the bedroom to create a space free from distractions, blue lights, and the temptation to keep scrolling. Instead, try:  


  • lighting a relaxing scented candle from Bath & Body Works (we suggest something with lavender but they have a ton of great options);
  • finishing the day with a great read. Coles has their Summer Vacation Reading List out if you need any recommendations;
  • a soothing cup of tea (without caffeine) from Murchie’s to help you unwind. 



Keep it natural 

Nutrition House has several vitamins and supplements that can induce relaxation and help you sleep, including magnesium, valerian root, ginkgo biloba and more. Make sure to only try these supplements one at a time. While they’re not a magic wand for sleep issues, they can be useful when combined with other natural sleeping strategies like keeping a consistent, regular schedule. Try getting up and going to bed at the same time every day and limit napping during the day. 



Don’t fight it.  
Sometimes you just can’t sleep—and that’s okay! Get up if you must and try some deep breathing or stretching before going back to bed. Just make sure you reserve your bedroom for a quiet space for sleep.  


A good night’s sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet.  
Sweet dreams! 

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