Spring Awakening

April 12

You know it, I know, we all know it was coming! I’m so happy to scream at the top of my lungs that Spring is finally here! Gone are the rainy days, the slush from the snow and the same 2 clothing items I wore every day to keep warm! We are so not used to it and don’t tolerate it too well either! Now is the time to look out for fabulous new merchandise available, right here at Willowbrook!

Most of the stores are now displaying lighter, brighter and most importantly colourful clothing! With Spring here, you should definitely check out Bootlegger at Willowbrook! They have a fabulous selection of styles that suits everyone!


And you definitely cannot do Spring without a gorgeous pair of sunglasses! Reitmans has these fancy new arrivals in-store that are worth checking out!


Spring break on your mind? Pretty sure you have your suitcase sorted, so how about getting a trendy Herschel fanny pack from Boathouse to keep your go-to documents (you can hide some snacks in there too!) Time to put away all your devices and enjoy the great outdoors, forgetting about texting and e-mails! What a dream, right?!


If you are looking for ideas for a little more luxuries vacation, stop by Flight Centre and check out the prices on flights all over Canada, and indeed the world! Relaxing on a sunny beach, vacationing in beautiful Paris or hiking up a mountain…the staff will help you decide and book your exotic journey!


Whatever you decide, Willowbrook will be the place to start getting your Spring awakening plans together!

Pam Willowbrook Blogger

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