Spoil Your Skin This Winter

January 17

We do cardio for our heart health; take fish oil for our brains; wear blue light glasses to avoid eye strain. But what about our skin?

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and it’s more than just a covering. Our skin is a barrier that protects us, warms us and regulates our temperature, and is one of our body’s first lines of defence. It’s time to treat it right—especially in the winter.

Say it with us: MOISTURE. Hydrating your skin is vital not only to its look (Hello healthy glow? It’s us, we miss you.) but its functionality. And moisture starts internally. Getting enough water is a key component to the health of your skin overall (and there’s tons of other health benefits to drinking water, too). But it’s hard to trade in a vanilla latte for a bottle of Evian. Try adding some sliced fruit like lemon, lime, or strawberries, to your water, or a few sprigs of mint to easily and naturally flavour your drink. Or look for liquid collagen (aka the beauty vitamin—great for skin, hair, and nails) and vitamin mixes you can add to your glass of H2O giving you the benefit of internal hydration with an extra kick. Find them at Nutrition House.

TLC wasn’t wrong when they said, “I don’t want no scrub” but the scrub we want belongs in your bath or shower routine. Scrubs are an effective way to exfoliate, removing flaky dead skin cells to brighten your complexion and release your inner glow. But remember to be gentle—avoid using scrubs on delicate skin like your face and don’t overdo it or you can cause microtears. The Body Shop has an incredible range of scrubs for you to choose from.

Mask up. No, not just when you leave the house but at home, too. Face masks can be a great boost of hydration and relaxing way to soothe and care for your skin. Plus, there’s something out there for everyone no matter what your skin type or product preference. Step into Sephora and try traditional mud masks, luscious gel, or go quick and convenient with a ready-to-go sheet mask.

Seek out a specialist. When it doubt, consult with a product specialist or aesthetician to learn more about what products to use (and avoid) and how to care for your skin. With the right products and a set routine, we know you’ll love the skin you’re in.

Aishwarya Singh Willowbrook Blogger

Although she's not a regular shopper, Aishwarya does have an eye for the must-have's of the season. When she's not busy at work, you can find her at a concert or at the gym! And if you ever want to talk about horses, she's your girl!

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