Sanity Saver

September 5

I don’t know about you but life seems too busy these days. Almost every hour is accounted for with some task: whether it is working at your job, keeping up your house or ferrying your kids back and forth to school and sports practices. There are so many time commitments that it leaves little time for oneself. Some people look at self-care time as a luxury but I look at it as a sanity saver! We all need a little time to ourselves to de-stress, relax and zen out.

It could be a steaming hot bath with a luxurious fruity bubble bath scent from The Body Shop or Bath & Body Works. Some of the scents are divine! The peach scents are my personal favorite – I feel like I’m in the middle of a peach orchard. Another option is a more essential oil choice like lavender & vanilla (so comforting and relaxing!). Just picture yourself soaking in the tub with a scented candle glowing in the corner and a glass of tea or wine in one hand and a good book from Coles in the other hand. Absolute heaven!

If you’re not a bath person… just put on your favorite PJs or jammie bottoms and an oversized t-shirt. You can find some comfy, and sometimes humorous, ones at Hudson’s Bay and Warehouse One. Settle into the couch or your bed, propped up with pillows, with your favorite fluffy throw from QE Home | Quilts Etc. and a good book from Coles (whether it’s that documentary you’ve been meaning to read or just a trashy romance LOL). Maybe treat yourself to a hot chocolate or specialty tea that you could pick up from DAVIDs TEA. Add the chocolate factor with some scrumptious choices from Purdys Chocolatier or Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Yummy!! It doesn’t get much better than that!

And if you want to really amp up the wellness factor you could put your diffuser on with some stress relief aroma mists from Escents. Doesn’t that sound good?

And remember… turn OFF your phone and your TV. No distractions… just pure relaxation! It’s like a mini staycation. Be GOOD to yourself, you deserve it!

Noreen Bratus Willowbrook Blogger

Happy, middle aged mom (60 is the new 40... right?) of 2 wonderful children (and extended family) still seeing life through my rose coloured glasses. And that is a choice that I have made... to always try and see the positive in people and situations... and to "pay it forward" whenever I can. It's brought me the most unexpected moments of joy and happiness in return. And my mantra is "you are only as old as you think!" So, as a result, I'm still enjoying my rock concerts, my hockey games and just keeping busy!

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