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June 6

We’re starting to have some of those beautiful hot, spring days where we just crave an icy sweet treat like ice cream or gelato. We are lucky enough to have several places to indulge ourselves in Willowbrook Shopping Centre.

If you are craving ice cream you can go to Purdys where they have 8 different flavours of Island Farm ice cream that they constantly rotate. You can get a plain waffle cone or dip it in sumptuous white or dark chocolate… mmm… and add some roasted almonds or sprinkles. They also have a vanilla ice cream bar that can be dipped in white or dark chocolate and you can add almonds or sprinkles if you wish. Oooh, the ultimate decadence! And for those craving a “healthy” frozen treat, they have frozen bananas that can be dipped in chocolate! The kids would probably LOVE those!

You can also get a bar of vanilla ice cream at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory which they can dip in their fabulous chocolate and sprinkle with Skor Bar crumbles, almond crumbles or cookie crumbles if you wish. I’m thinking the Skor Bar crumbles would be hard to resist!

For the ultimate choices in gelato you have Crepe Delicious, which has over 20 different flavours of “freshly made, on-site” gelato. The showcase is just beautiful, so many mouth-watering choices it is almost impossible to choose! But I have to admit my favourite is a combination of mango and pineapple gelato. It is like a taste of heaven! They also have a sugar-free raspberry selection that would be great for Diabetics. And they have some selections that are lactose-free and gluten-free. So.. no matter your preference, you would be able to find “your” sweet treat. They have cones and cups to put your treat in… and can even make you a “gelato shake,” another delicious alternative. On the whole, gelato is a lot healthier option than ice cream, as there are less calories and fat.

Another place to get some tasty gelato is Mattu’s Coffe & Tea. Their gelato is supplied by Mario’s Gelati, a local award winning company that is considered a pioneer of gelato in Vancouver. They have 6 delicious flavor choices which can be served in a waffle bowl or paper bowl. Scrumptious!

Mattu’s also makes refreshing Italian Milkshakes which are made with Torani syrup and a vanilla based powder. They have over 30 flavours to choose from! It might take you a few minutes to decide… the possibilities are endless.

So, as you can see, if you are craving a must-have sweet treat it is just waiting for you! Enjoy!

Noreen Bratus Willowbrook Blogger

Happy, middle aged mom (60 is the new 40... right?) of 2 wonderful children (and extended family) still seeing life through my rose coloured glasses. And that is a choice that I have made... to always try and see the positive in people and situations... and to "pay it forward" whenever I can. It's brought me the most unexpected moments of joy and happiness in return. And my mantra is "you are only as old as you think!" So, as a result, I'm still enjoying my rock concerts, my hockey games and just keeping busy!

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