Make Yourself At Home

September 17

Let’s be honest: camping isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Flimsy tents, bug bites, and all that packing and unpacking. No thank you. But it’s not all bad. S’mores, anyone? Bring the best of camping indoors with some cute décor and enjoy a quiet camp out without the hassle.

Building a campfire isn’t easy. But using a s’mores machine is. Pick yours up from Hudson’s Bay and slow roast your marshmallow to perfection without the hassle of chopping wood so you can enjoy everyone’s favourite camping dessert at home indoors.

Pitching a tent? Pass. Putting together a cute pop-up tent for your little one? Sold. Set up your own private campsite in the playroom, family room, or wherever you feel like camping out comfortably. And as an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about being trapped with a buzzing critter all night. Find affordable and cute options for your little loves at Toys R Us.

Stargazing? Okay, we admit, that’s a pretty great part of camping that we can’t replicate. But in the meantime, we’ll settle for stargazing entertainment at home. Just dim the lights and let unicorns entertain you with a cool handheld projector from Mountain Warehouse. Besides, when was the last time you saw a unicorn when you were camping? Or put your crafting skills to the test and fold your own origami lanterns—a cute camping activity that lets you decorate, too—with a do-it-yourself kit from Toys R Us.

Whether the great outdoors is calling your name or you’re a diehard fan being indoors, we’re sure you can make yourself at home and have fun with the family camping in style, and comfort.

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