Make Memories

September 13

We’re all guilty of taking a ton of photos on our phones and then doing nothing with them. A few lucky ones might end up on social media, but what happens to the rest? Instead of deleting them to make space or backing them up on a cloud, we want to share a few fun and inspirational ways to showcase your life’s biggest moments… think Instagram, just a hard copy.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then it stands to reason that a scrapbook is worth millions.

Scrapbooking is a sweet way to capture your memories and special moments. Whether it’s a new baby, an exotic vacation, or just a trip down memory lane, preserving your photos and other mementos (like tickets and brochures) is a fun and personal project you can relive over and over. Experiment with funky layouts, cool collages, and unique embellishments but be sure to use acid-free paper, glue, and photo stickers from Coles to avoid discolouration and keep your pics pristine.

Scrapbooks also make a heartfelt, one-of-a-kind gift that you know will never be exchanged for store credit. But if the idea of undertaking an art project seems daunting, we have two words for you: custom gift. Skip the DIY crafts and leave them to the pros who can turn your favourite photo into a personalized keepsake.

Did you know, Willowbrook Art Gallery offers canvas transfers? It’s where your photo is stretched over a wooden bar and is turned into a work of art, ready to hang! Makes quite a memorable gift, doesn’t it?

You can also get custom t-shirts, hoodies and more made at The Dog’s Ear to mark family milestones. Everyone loves a “World’s Best Mom” shirt! And that’s not all, you can head into The Source to find digital photo frames, a perfect gift for grandparents, where you can add a slideshow of several memories and watch it do its magic.

Don’t forget to head into Kerrisdale Cameras to buy your very own camera. Be it an expensive, professional DSLR, or a fun Instax Mini camera, the memories will still be precious when you look back at them. You can get your photos developed at Kerrisdale Cameras or Foto Stop. The choice is yours.

Celebrate your milestone moments, fun family times, and little laughs every day. And remember, make it memorable.

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