Make It Fun

September 17

How do you entertain the whole family without leaving the house? With games, of course! Whether your family is big or small, full of tiny tots or too cool teens, the right game is sure to entertain everyone.

Feeling lucky? Games of chance are a fun way to kick-off your game night and test your luck. Card games are great for this and typically don’t need a ton of table space and can be set up quickly. But make sure you’re playing with a full deck. Count through the cards before you start, or better yet, invest in a new deck from Spencer’s. No one likes a cheater.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Classic party games like Monopoly, Clue, and Operation, can have your family working together to solve crimes—it was Colonel Mustard with the candlestick, right?—and test your steady hand as you fix your patient’s charley horse. Pull all your faves down off the shelf or see what’s new in-store at Toys R Us and look for a fresh twist on all the retro classics.

Don’t forget games for the digital age. Yes, even video games can be a great family activity and a fun way to spend time together. Test your driving skills as you race with Mario and the gang, unlock the legend of Zelda, and break out all your best dance moves with Just Dance! Pop by EB Games to find all these and more. Just remember to charge your controllers beforehand and save your top score to see who remains undefeated.

If you’re up for a creative challenge then clear the table, make some room, and start building! Puzzles have seen a huge boost in popularity, and we can see why. It’s both a relaxing and challenging way to pass the time, and there’s no better feeling than popping the last piece into place. If you’re up for an extra challenge, try a 3D puzzle from Coles or Sunrise Records instead for a finished display piece you’ll want to marvel at for weeks.

Having fun can work up an appetite so don’t forget the snacks. With dozens of restaurants at Willowbrook, it’s easy to order takeout to top off your fun night at home. Or, try out Gastronomer—our food concierge service that provides you (and your hungry family) with a curated collection of tasty treats and yummy eats. Whether pizza is calling your name, you’re craving a fresh stir fry, or you need something sweet, we’ve got you, and your family, covered.

Aishwarya Singh Willowbrook Blogger

Aishwarya has an eye for the must-have's of the season. When she's not busy shopping or at work, you can find her at a concert or at the gym! And if you ever want to talk about horses, she's your girl!

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