Everything is Coming Up Roses

August 7

I can’t believe the explosion of colour everywhere in the fashion world right now. Colourful floral prints are all the rage right now… especially the “rose” print. A quick walk through Willowbrook Shopping Centre and it just jumps out at you like that old expression: “Everything is coming up roses!” Bath & Body Works is blushing with a lovely group of bath products. They smell so yummy – I just had to buy some shower gel. And Mobilinq has some pretty cell phone cases with the rose pattern. And of course lots of fun jewelry at Claire’s and Icing with a floral theme to add that finishing touch to your outfits.

Looking around I also saw lots of flower patterns on canvas and leather shoes and purses. From more casual shoes at Payless and Shoe Warehouse to some lovely leather pieces at Ronsons and SoftMoc. Floral shoes can add a little zing! to any plain outfit.

And then you start to see all the fashion pieces in the displays. There is some trendy flowing tanks in the “in” mustard colour at Urban Planet. They also have a large variety of short summer dresses to pick from with many different rose patterns. And Ricki’s has lots of feminine tops in my favorite colours: mauve, purple and violet (such flattering shades of colour on everyone). Some are on a black background and some on white… so very easy to match up with your black or white capris for an attractive but comfortable summer look. There is lots of choices – something for everyone. If you are into the “peasant” look there are some fun patterned peasant tops at Warehouse One. They remind me of the 60s (I have to admit I picked up a couple… lol). And there are the funkiest black leggings with a rose pattern at Reitmans that you could wear with a plain black T and be a cool “yoga rose.”

If it’s dresses you are looking for… they are everywhere!! I noticed some beautiful flowy floral dresses at Cleo. And they had a Hacchi Tunic (grey with a LARGE rose) that was so unique and cool. You could wear it with leggings or skinny jeans. And Plum has a large group of the most beautiful kimono tops! They would go with everything from dress pants to jeans. I personally think they look so modern and trendy with jeans. And speaking of jeans… I saw the most unique rose embroidered jeans at Serena… “to die for.” I think they are going to be a “must buy” item for me.

So all in all, don’t resist the “flower power”… just go with it and have some fun!! Be a part of the “flower garden” LOL.

Noreen Bratus Willowbrook Blogger

Happy, middle aged mom (60 is the new 40... right?) of 2 wonderful children (and extended family) still seeing life through my rose coloured glasses. And that is a choice that I have made... to always try and see the positive in people and situations... and to "pay it forward" whenever I can. It's brought me the most unexpected moments of joy and happiness in return. And my mantra is "you are only as old as you think!" So, as a result, I'm still enjoying my rock concerts, my hockey games and just keeping busy!

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