Cruising State of Mind

February 24

What is more fun than getting ready for a vacation? I am in the process of booking an Alaska Cruise as a graduation gift for my great-niece. I will admit cruising is my passion. I was not sure if I would like to cruise so my first one was a 3-day Pacific Coast Cruise, Vancouver to San Diego with Disneyland added on the end! If you have never cruised before I recommend you try a short one instead of being on a ship for 15 days, then finding out you don’t like it. If you go to Flight Centre, they should be able to find the perfect fit for you.

You can make a cruise whatever you want, you can choose to do the various activities they have onboard, shop, gamble, play bingo, sunbathe, swim or attend the various seminars they have available. On the other hand, you can do nothing at all but relax. Sometimes it is nice just to sit on your balcony and enjoy a glass of wine! I can’t forget the food…it is awesome! Just one-word desserts! Whether you choose the dining room or the buffet the food is great. I usually do the buffet for breakfast and lunch but for dinner, I prefer the dining room. It is so nice to get some personal service instead of having to get your own food. I can guarantee by the end of the cruise you will want to bring your waiter and cabin steward home with you.

You can also make some lasting friendships; I still have contact with a couple I met on a cruise in 2005, and 2 couples and a lady I met on a cruise in 2018. When in port, you can either book a shore excursion through the Cruise Line or just do some exploring on your own. If you choose to do your own thing be sure to keep track of the time, the ship will not wait for you.

I can’t forget about luggage; I usually only take one suitcase as there isn’t much storage space in your cabin. If you need luggage, stop by Bentley or Hudson’s Bay, they have a great selection for you to choose from. You might want to drop into Swimco to get a bathing suit or cover-up, then over to Bath & Body Works to get your favourite travel-size bath gels and lotions.

Bon voyage!

Cheri Thiery Willowbrook Blogger

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