Calling All Mermaids

June 20

Whether you prefer lounging at the pool or splashing in the waves, Swimco is THE destination for everything sun-related. Swimco is Canada’s leading swimwear store with over 150 brands of swimwear and beachwear for women, men and kids! For over 40 years they have been committed to inspiring confidence and passionate about helping everybody – and every body. Everyone deserves to feel delighted about their swimsuit shopping experience and to ‘Feel Good Half Naked!’

Summer is almost here and we can’t wait to get back to the beach! We talked to Leena, Manager at Willowbrook Swimco, and got the total scoop on this season’s swimmingly fabulous trends!

What are the hot swimwear trends you’re seeing this season?

One pieces are for sure… cut-outs, lace up and high waisted retro bottoms. We have a variety of styles – there is something for everyone but one pieces have really taken over.

We all know there is nothing quite like that little black dress… what’s the little black dress of beachwear?

There is so much to choose from! For me it’s the ‘Naughty Lace Up’ and anything Seafolly – they’re suits are fantastic.

Coverups… What style is HOT right now?

Kimonos for sure, very popular. Anything that is dual purpose and can be packed up to take travelling. Koi is a very popular brand, they have very feminine cover ups.

What should we look for in a good beach bag?

The #1 request we get is ‘does it have zippers?’ People always want compartments to put their sunscreen and small items in.

What are the beach items we can’t live without?

Well I guess, bathing suit, sunscreen, good flip flops, a hat and a cute coverup to take you from your room to the beach.

Sun hats are all the rage right now… what’s your favorite style?

Our fave is Wallaroo, it is one of our top brands. It has UPF sun protection, is packagable and comes in a variety of different brim shapes to choose from.

What do you look for in a new bathing suit?

Fit is the most important in a bathing suit – the cut depends on your body type. Our Fit Experts are trained to find you the perfect suit for your body.

Lindsey Zinn Willowbrook Blogger

Born to shop… forced to work. But luckily Lindsey gets to work at Willowbrook Shopping Centre where she can shop on the daily! She believes if you have never fallen in love at first sight then you are clearly shopping at the wrong stores.

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