Breakfast in Bed!

May 8

Breakfast in bed is a great way to show your appreciation for a loved one or celebrate a special occasion. But there are dos and don’ts to make the meal both easy and memorable.

Breakfast in bed is a love language in my home and in my family’s homes. Any time there is a special occasion to celebrate be it a Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, whatever the occasion you get to the kitchen early to make a special breakfast on a perfectly laid out tray.

For many of the breakfasts my family has put together for their loved ones over the years, we have developed a few best practices. Here are some tips on prepping that morning meal for a special occasion:

Tip #1: Do the bulk of the work the night before. Overnight breakfast recipes are key to preparation. The detailed decorating of the tray if you have small kids around takes up a surprising amount of time, leaving precious little space for a complex recipe in the morning. There are many recipes out there for the night before preparation.

Tip #2: Serve something a little special. Stepping outside the routine breakfast menu makes the morning even more special. Some delicious suggestions would be Smoked Salmon Breakfast Burrito, Scrabbled Egg Flatbread Pizza, or Mascarpone French Toast with flavoured syrup of their choice.

Tip #3: Keep in mind the coordination of eating off a tray while mostly reclined in bed. Cereal, aside from breaking rule #2, is just about impossible to eat in bed without spilling. So, think before getting too cozy with messy foods and liquid based meal ideas.

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