All About Animal Print

September 7

We are loving all of the amazing fall trends this year… plaid-prints, luxe leather and, of course, animal print! Animal print is back in a big way for the fall season and we couldn’t be more excited. Some make the argument that animal print is considered a classic neutral (and with its reoccurrence in fashion… we couldn’t agree more!). Here are some tips for incorporating animal print into your fall wardrobe!

  1. Don’t Go Overboard: Even if you LOVE animal prints, sticking to one piece per outfit is best. Your look could become too overwhelming if you try to pair too many animal prints together.
  2. Keep It Simple: Leopard and snakeskin are dramatic enough on their own so try not to add any competition with ruffles or embellishments. Clean and simple pieces (like pencil skirts) look fabulous with a stand-out print!
  3. Add a Pop of Color: Yes, animal print can be daring enough on its own, but if you’re feeling brave… add a pop of color (as we said, animal print is a neutral)! Pairing these together will instantly give you fashionista status.
  4. Wear It with Confidence: Finally, wear it with confidence! You shouldn’t wear anything that you aren’t comfortable in, but if you wear it confidently you will look and FEEL stylish.

Lindsey Zinn Willowbrook Blogger

Born to shop… forced to work. But luckily Lindsey gets to work at Willowbrook Shopping Centre where she can shop on the daily! She believes if you have never fallen in love at first sight then you are clearly shopping at the wrong stores.

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