A Spring Day Just For You

April 5

It’s officially Spring season! It’s fun to go shopping again without the pressure of having to look for that perfect gift for the holiday season. Now you can focus on yourself for a while! Sigh, what a relief! Time to check out what’s new and trendy this spring! It’s so great to see lighter apparel starting to appear, reminding us that warmer days are here! 

There’s so much to do and so many deals to check out at Willowbrook! Your day of self-care is sure to be filled with ooh’s and ah’s while you browse through all the fantastic deals! Who doesn’t like a bargain?!

These are just a couple of ideas to start you off on your shopping spree! We know you want more…stay tuned! Our Spring Hit List with the most coveted, trendiest and stylish items at Willowbrook is coming out soon!

While you are at Willowbrook don’t forget to check our newly renovated Food Court. There are so many selections to choose from (I’m thinking about food as I write this!) You need to stay fueled so you can carry on shopping! 

Hope you enjoy your fun day at Willowbrook!

Pam Willowbrook Blogger

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