Four Leaf Clover Fans & Followers Contests

March 13-17, 2017

Facebook fans and Instagram followers, enter Willowbrook's 5 daily contests from March 13 to 17 for a chance to win green gemstone, silver, and gold jewellery prizes (total value $1,400+). Good luck!


  • Look out for the contest posts daily from March 13 to 17 on Willowbrook's Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Read the contest post question.
  • Post a comment with the answer to the question.
  • We will draw random winners daily from Facebook and Instagram during the contest period. Stay tuned to see if it's you!

Contest Rules:

March 13 Contest Rules

March 14 Contest Rules

March 15 Contest Rules

March 16 Contest Rules

March 17 Contest Rules

Four leaf clover isolated on a white background


Posted on Feb 1, 2017 in Past Events